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We are a team of experienced Executive Coaches and Leadership Consultants who are passionate about helping individuals become the leaders they aspire to be. We encourage leaders to challenge their assumptions about themselves and others, embrace their core values, and articulate their leadership purpose. 

Over the past ten years, our clients have included a variety of Fortune 500 organizations such as JP Morgan Chase, Prudential, HSBC, Munich Re, Cisco, Novartis, Linde Group, Visa, and the World Economic Forum

In addition, we have all held senior leadership roles in organizations such as Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, General Electric, Vodafone, ZF Industries, Barclays, and AIG. Finally, many of us have held expatriate leadership roles in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. So we know firsthand the role that experience, and the sharing of experience, plays in becoming a more capable and productive leader.

Our experience working with leaders from around the globe has also shown us that every leader is different and that their effectiveness is a unique combination of their cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence. So, we do not offer "cookie cutter" solutions for leaders to adopt. In fact, our goal is to help leaders identify and develop the leadership solutions that work best for them!

Discover Your Leadership is a collaborative approach that leverages technology to enable us to work with leaders from around the globe. It also allows us to provide leaders the flexibility and convenience they need to fit development into their busy schedules.  We are excited about the possibilities Discovery Coaching offers us to help leaders realize their full potential and become the leaders they aspire to be.

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