Leverage Discover Your Leadership

to Address Your Organization's Challenges

Discover Your Leadership can help your organization develop its leadership talent and support its organizational change initiatives to help drive strategic success.

Here are some of the challenges Talent Managers & Organizational Development Specialists 

can address through DYL.

An Effective 

Developmental OPtion

As a Talent Manager or Organizational Development Specialist, you work hard to build your leadership talent pool and support the organization's strategic change initiatives. 


Too often, the portfolio of developmental and support options available to you is limited to company-specific programs, external training offerings, and for the highest-value talent, Business School programs or executive coaching.


Discover Your Leadership offers Talent Managers and Organizational Development Specialists a cost effective and high-impact developmental option, which can be targeted directly at the needs of specific leaders in specific situations. This greatly improves your ability to successfully achieve your goals and drive your organization's success.


Finally, DYL is not just for leaders. It can be used to help any individual who needs to improve their interpersonal relationships and their ability to influence and lead others. This includes individual contributors and technical experts.

Organizational Challenges

Build Talent and
Organizational Capability

Drive & Support 
Organizational Change Initiatives

Deliver Leadership Development in 
Remote Geographic Locations

Improve the Effectiveness
of Matrix Organizations

Support the Transition to
People Manager


Leadership Programs

Support the Transition to  
Agile & Adaptive Organizations

Facilitate and Support
Successful Leadership Transitions

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