The Discovery Driven Approach

Improve Your Leadership through

Exploration and Experimentation

Leadership is Discovered through Experience!

Not in a Classroom!

Leaders learn best through experience. Leaders gain that experience by observing and working with other leaders, facing difficult leadership challenges, and being exposed to challenging new ideas, concepts, and business situations.


Only 10% of what we learn is acquired through formal learning interventions such as training programs. Discovery Coaching is designed to leverage the 90% of learning that is derived from experience. 

The Discovery Approach focuses on "Exploration and Experimentation." 

DYL Coaches ask leaders to explore their assumptions about others, their assumptions about themselves, their assumptions about the context in which they work, and their assumptions about their previous success. 

Working together with their DYL Coach, leaders apply the insights gained from their exploration and construct small "work" experiments to test new ideas, practice desired leadership behaviors, and try new ways of leading. The results of each experiment are discussed and analyzed to discover what worked as expected, what didn't go as planned, and what they would do differently next time.

With each iteration of the "Exploration & Experimentation" process, the leader gains skill, knowledge, and confidence.  The Discovery Approach creates a self-reinforcing cycle of "Exploration and Experimentation" that will serve leaders for the rest of their lives.

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