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Discover Your Leadership is designed to help leaders develop solutions to address their "Real-Life" challenges they face on a daily basis.

Here are some of the challenges DYL can help you conqueror!

Manage Individual Performance

Manage Talent & Build New Capability

Lead Change & Transformation

Build and Lead Agile & Adaptive Teams

Build and Lead High-Performance Teams

Improve Leadership Communication

and Feedback

Manage Conflict & Difficult Conversations

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Leading Change & Transformation

Change is a constant element of business life today. Learn how to drive positive change and get people "on board" through a deeper understanding of the rational and emotional drivers of change acceptance and resistance.

Drawing on a Board

Managing Talent & Building Capability

One of a Leader's most important tasks is building the capabilities of the people in their teams. Learn how to have meaningful developmental conversations and provide valuable career-enhancing experiences, which will both drive the success of your team members and your personal success.

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Improving Leadership Communication & Feedback

Communicating effectively across different situations is a key driver of leadership success. Learn how to improve the quality of the feedback you give by focusing it on the future rather than the past. In addition, learn the skills necessary to influence and motivate people to follow your lead.


Managing Conflict & Difficult Conversations

The most common and uncomfortable challenge leaders face is managing conflict. Learn how to tackle conflict effectively by developing "interest-based" resolution strategies and developing a broader array of conflict resolution styles.

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Leading High-Performance Teams

Most teams never realize their full potential. Learn how to get the most out of your team by gaining a deeper insight into the factors that support higher team performance and those that inhibit it.

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Negotiating for Success

Leaders need to mobilize people across a variety of situations to be effective. Many times without formal authority. Learn how to employ negotiating strategies, which will improve your ability to influence and motivate the key stakeholders you need to mobilize to get things done!

In Negotiation

Leading Agile & Adaptive Teams

The pace of business is accelerating, which requires leaders to increase productivity, speed delivery, and raise quality levels to address rapidly changing client demands. Learn how to structure and lead agile teams by developing the leadership routines and management practices that drive adaptability, facilitate communication, and increase performance.


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