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DiscoverYourLeadership.Com is designed to help organizations develop their leadership talent via a targeted and cost-effective solution that delivers immediate impact because it focuses on each leader's immediate challenges.

Here are some of the challenges Talent Managers can address through DYL.

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Building Talent and Organizational Capability

As a Talent Manager, you work hard to identify your leadership talent pool and recommend development options for a subset of individuals for the coming year. Too often, the portfolio of options available to you is limited to company-specific programs, external training offerings, and for the highest-value talent, Business School programs or executive coaching.

Studies have shown that executive coaching delivers high impact. Leaders who receive coaching are value the investment being made in them, which is why coaching is a preferred development methodology for many leaders. Research from The Center for Creative Leadership  backs this up. CCL found that 98% of leaders said their coach “provided practical, realistic, and immediately usable input” in addition to helping them “identify specific behaviors that would help them achieve their goals.” 95% said that coaching “was worth the time and effort required.”


DiscoverYourLeadership.Com offers organizations and Talent Managers a cost effective and high-impact coaching option, which emphatically demonstrates the organization's commitment to helping talent advance their careers. DYL leverages the insights from the CCL study and is designed to target each individual's highest-priority developmental needs because it is customized especially for them. Finally, DYL is not just for leaders. It can be used to help any individual who needs to improve their interpersonal relationships and their ability to influence and lead others. This includes individual contributors and technical experts.


Driving Organizational Change

Change is a constant element of business life today. The pace of business is accelerating, client demands are changing, and technology is changing the way people work and interact. As a result, many organizations find themselves running large scale change initiatives or business transformation projects. Unfortunately, many of these efforts will fail to deliver the expected results.  McKinsey surveyed 1,546 business executives from around the world and found that only 30% considered their change programs successful. In addition, a number of similar studies over the last 10 years reveals remarkably similar results.


Organizations can improve these odds, accelerate execution, and sustain change momentum by adding DiscoverYourLeadership.Com to any Organizational Development or Change initiative. DYL provides individuals in key leadership, or specialist roles, with the on-going support they need to explore the obstacles and enablers of change on a sustained basis. This enables them to and build the strategies, processes, and routines that overcome resistance and accelerate execution. In addition, individuals gain a deeper understanding of the rational and emotional drivers of change acceptance and resistance, which will serve them well throughout their careers. Finally, the six-month duration of the DYL plan ensures that leaders are constantly assessing the current situation and making the appropriate changes as needed.

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Building Leadership Capability in Remote Locations

One challenge many Talent Managers faces is delivering a high-quality developmental experience for leaders in remote locations. These can be international locations or small domestic operations, which lack the critical mass of leaders required to run a company-specific program.

Options generally include ignoring these leaders, flying them to other location to attend company specific leadership programs, or enrolling them in off-the-shelf "open enrollment" programs, which are delivered locally.


DiscoverYourLeadership.Com offers Talent Managers the ability to provide a targeted and high-impact developmental option to these remote leaders to explore their local leadership challenges and improve their effectiveness in their local context - all for the equivalent price of an airline ticket and hotel accommodation to attend a non-local leadership program.


Improving Matrix Management

Many organizations continue to adopt Matrix Management structures to effectively manage resources across multiple dimensions. The transition to a matrix structure can be traumatic to leaders and individuals who have grown-up in more traditional structures. Many struggle navigating the ins-and-outs of decision authority and power in a matrix. They find themselves ill-equipped to manage the increased level of stakeholder management, resource sharing, and communication required to be successful in a matrix structure. 

DiscoverYourLeadership.Com is a perfect solution to help these individuals develop the mindsets and skills they need to successfully operate in a matrix because it targets the improvement of the individual's interpersonal relationships with their matrix stakeholders. The "Explore and Experimentation" focus of DYL helps these individuals gain a deeper understand of the decision and power dynamics within their specific context. Armed with this knowledge, individuals can focus on developing specific strategies and behaviors to mange their matrix stakeholders - and share matrix resources - more effectively and productively.

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Supporting the Transition to People Manager

60% of front-line leaders say they have never received any training for their new role.

CareerBuilder Survey (March 2011) 


One of the most difficult leadership transitions to make is the first: from individual contributor to a people manager or supervisory role. It's very common for organizations to promote their "MVP specialists" to these leadership roles. However, the mindset, behaviors, and skills required to manage people on a daily basis are very different to those needed to be an excellent salesperson, engineer, or technical specialist. Most organizations realize this and offer support that focuses on the "technical part" of the role, for example understanding HR processes such as performance reviews, or one-off New Manager programs that aim at building the required leadership skills. These new leaders are then cast into the pool to sink or swim as leaders with little sustained support. Unfortunately, many studies show that the key to making the transition successfully is grounded in ongoing support for the new manager.

DiscoverYourLeadership.Com offers organizations a cost effective and high-impact option to provide new leaders sustained support, facilitate learning, and help them achieve success. The six-month duration ensures that the new leader continues to explore their leadership challenges and experiment with, and practice, new skills and behaviors to meet these challenges.  It also ensures that developmental momentum is not sacrificed to the daily routine of getting the job done. This prevents new managers from over-promising and under-delivering in their new roles.

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Augmenting Traditional Leadership Programs

The biggest challenge that most organizations and Talent Managers face is ensuring the application of learning once a leader is back at work. Unfortunately, the level of transfer from the classroom to the workplace continues to be sub-optimal for many organizations. Generally, entropy rules and the lessons learned in the classroom are never applied due to the the tyranny of the immediate and lost to the fog of time,


Adding a "DiscoverYourLeadership.Com" track to an existing leadership program can significantly improve the transfer of learning to the workplace because each leader is asked to explore how they can apply their new insights to their specific challenges at work. It also provides the "external energy" required to encourage leaders to experiment with new skills, behaviors and ways of doing things within their areas of responsibility. The six-month duration of a DYL track further improves the odds that the investment made to improve leadership performance delivers a real and meaningful return on that investment. 


Adopting Agile & Adaptive Teams

The pace of business is accelerating, which requires organizations to relentlessly pursue increased productivity, delivery speed, and quality to address rapidly changing client demands. As a result, many organizations are adopting "Agile Organizational Structures," which promises increased speed and improved customer experiences. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to gain the advantages of "Agile" because leaders and team members, who are more familiar with traditional team structures, struggle with navigating the shared responsibility, accepting the shared accountability, and managing the pace within dynamic, learning teams.

DiscoverYourLeadership.Com allows organizations to offer key individuals within Agile teams with the targeted support they need to build the mindset, routines, and skills to be successful in the Agile world. These include developing the leadership and influencing practices that drive adaptability, facilitate communication, and increase performance.


Facilitating Successful Leadership Transitions

According to a 2017 McKinsey Report, 40 percent of new leadership transitions are declared failures after 18 months and the trend has remained steady for at least 15 years.” A major source of failure is the inability of many leaders to appreciate that the leadership approaches and skills that brought them the new role or promotion may not be conducive to success in the new role.


The Corporate Executive Board reports that the Direct Reports of a leader, who is struggling through a transition, perform 15% worse than those who report to a high-performing leader. In addition, those Direct Reports are also 20% more likely to be disengaged or leave the organization.

DiscoverYourLeadership.Com "Leadership Transition" plans are designed to help organizations improve upon these disappointing statistics.  DYL "Leadership Transition" plans focus on exploring the business factors, the scale and scope challenges, and the relationships issues most likely to impact success. DYL also encourages leaders to experiment with the new mindsets, behaviors, and skills required to achieve success in the new role. In addition, the six-month duration of the DYL experience ensures that leaders are engaged in a constant dialogue regarding what is working and what needs to be improved or changed to successfully navigate this critical transition period.

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