The Discovery 360-degree Feedback Survey

A Confidential & Anonymous Feedback Collection Tool

The Discovery 360-Feedback Survey

Leaders get thing done through others, which is why gaining a deeper appreciation of what your followers appreciate about you as a leader is so important to success. 

The Discovery 360-degree Feedback Survey is designed to help leaders gain deeper insights into how the people they lead and work with perceive their leadership effectiveness. The 360-degree feedback process is a confidential and anonymous feedback collection tool, which encourages a leaders's key stakeholders (e.g. Managers, Peers, Direct Reports, Clients, etc.) to provide honest and open feedback regarding what they appreciate about the way the leader leads as well as highlight the behaviors and actions they would like the leader to change.


Armed with this knowledge, leaders can identify the obstacles to their leadership success and use their identified strengths to close the gaps and overcome these obstacles.


The final step in the 360-degree process is the creation of a Developmental Action Plan, which helps the leader tailor their leadership approach to get the most out of the people, teams, and organizations they lead.

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