Discovery Requires Action!

An Eight-Step Process to Discover Your Leadership Success!

Job Interview

Step 6: Execution

The Execution Phase represents the bulk of the Discover Your Leadership Process.


Each month, the DYL coach and the leader engage for two hours to address specific leadership challenges and skills gaps.

  • The DYL coach and the leader have the flexibility to conveniently structure the two hours as desired, e.g. one 2-hr session, two 1-hr sessions, etc.


During each session, the coach works with the leader to explore a specific leadership issue or inter-personal behavior, which is impacting their on-the-job performance. The coach and leader then work collaboratively to design an experiment to test an assumption, try a new approach, or practice a new skill back at work. The results of each experiment are then discussed during the following session to determine what was learned from the experience and what actions the leader will take in the future. In addition, the coach may provide  guidance and input on specific “knowledge or skills gaps.” Finally, the coach may assign the leader specific developmental tasks to be completed between each session. 

The outcome of developmental tasks are discusses during the next session to determine what insights have been gained and what aspects could be applied to the leader's current challenges. 

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