Discovery Requires Action!

An Eight-Step Process to Discover Your Leadership Success!

Step 7: Impact Assessment

A core deliverable of the Discover Your Leadership process is measuring the impact of the process on the leader and his or her key stakeholders.


After Eleven One-to-One contact hours are completed, we collect "360- feedback" from leader's stakeholders to measure any change against six core leadership behaviors and skills.


The "-3 to +3" scale used in the 360-degree Impact survey is designed to measure any change in effectiveness  – not the overall level of effectiveness - achieved over the six-month duration of the exercise.


The 360-feedback Impact survey collects feedback from up to:

  • 5 Direct Reports

  • 4 Peers

  • 2 Managers

The coach reviews the results of the 360-degree Impact Report and debriefs the results with the leader. During the final coaching session, the coach highlights the progress made to date, the steps needed to maintain developmental momentum, and the areas for diligence and developmental focus going forward.

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