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Discover Your Leadership is highly customized to meet the most relevant challenges each leader is facing. The DYL Coaches work collaboratively with leaders to Explore their personal leadership challenges through new lenses, Expose them to new ideas and concepts, Use these insights to develop practical solutions to their current challenges, and Experiment with new ways of working and leading.


See how it all came together for Cristina!

Discover Your Leadership in Action: Cristina – A Case Study 


Action Item

Improve Cristina’s effectiveness at delegating and empowering her team

Cristina is an Operations Manager for a leading wealth management firm in Europe. She had been previously identified as a high performer and been promoted into a new role. However, she was struggling to drive the change she was tasked with executing and the team's performance was not where she wanted it to be.


The Discovery Process

The DYL Coach guided Cristina on a journey of discovery, to:

  • Explore her behavioral preferences and how they are experienced by others

  • Conduct "Thought Experiments" to understand the motivations of her team members

  • Study Frameworks to gain insights into the factors that drive engagement and performance

  • Conduct On-the-job Experiments to test assumptions and practice new ways of leading 



At the conclusion of the 6-month DYL experience, Cristina’s stakeholders perceived a significant improvement in her overall leadership effectiveness.

Team members reported higher levels of engagement and Cristina felt more composed and confident in herself.

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