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Customized Discovery Plan

Price based on features selected

Many leaders become overwhelmed as they progress in their careers and take on more responsibility. Unfortunately, this may lead leaders to over-commit and under-perform, which raises feelings of being overworked and underappreciated. 


So, we encourage leaders to embrace the idea that, "What got you here isn't what's going to get you where you want to be!"

The Customized DYL Plan includes all of the features of the Basic Plan.


However, it allows leaders the flexibility to customize their Discover Your Leadership experience to better meet their needs.


Options include increasing the number of contact hours (e.g. 3 hrs  per month instead of 2) or increase the length of DYL plan (e.g. 1 year instead of 6 months).


It also allows leaders to add a customized 360-degree feedback survey or additional  Psychometric surveys as part of an extended Leadership Diagnostic.

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The "Silver" DYL Plan


Leaders get thing done through others, which is why successful leaders operate with an understanding that the decision to follow is a choice.

The Silver DYL plan contains all the feature of the Bronze Plan and adds a customized and anonymous 360-degree feedback survey to the Diagnostic Phase of the process.


The 360-feedback survey is designed to help leaders gain deeper insights into how the people they lead and work with perceive their leadership effectiveness. It captures their stakeholders' opinion regarding what they like about the way the leader leads and highlights the behaviors and actions they would like the leader to change.

Armed with this knowledge, leaders can set out an Action Plan to help them tailor their approach to get the most out of the teams and organizations they lead.


The "Bronze" 6-Month Plan

Price: $3,000

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? Get in touch today to realize your potential and take control of your life with our Bronze Discover Your Leadership Plan. 

The Bronze plan includes 12 hours of coaching, Leadership Diagnostic, a Psychometric Report to identify behavioral preferences,  a Coaching Preferences Survey, and a Follow-up 360-degree Impact Survey to measure any change in your Leadership Effectiveness.

Additional "Leader-Provided" data sources can be integrated into the DYL Bronze plan at no additional cost. These include Annual Performance Reviews, Talent Assessments, Leadership Assessments, and Company-Specific 360-degree feedback reports.

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