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"Leadership Transition" Coaching

Helping Leaders Successfully Navigate the Transition to New Leadership Roles

Do You Have a New  Leadership Role?

Have you accepted a new leadership role? Does the new role require you to move to a different city or country? Will you be leading a larger organization? Will you lead teams in multiple location? How clearly do you understand the factors that will drive success in your new role?

According to a recent McKinsey Report, 40 percent of new leadership transitions are declared failures after 18 months and the trend has remained steady for at least 15 years.” 


The Corporate Executive Board reports that the Direct Reports of a leader, who is struggling through a transition, perform 15% worse than those who report to a high-performing leader. In addition, those Direct Reports are also 20% more likely to be disengaged or leave the organization.

DYL"Leadership Transition" Coaching is designed to help you navigate this important step in your Leadership Career. DYL Transition Coaching focuses you on assessing the factors most likely to impact success and by developing the relationships required to achieve success in the new role.

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