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Discover Your Leadership!

Work with Leading International Business Coaches & Leadership Experts

to Accelerate Your Leadership Success 

 Discover Your Leadership is a Targeted Development Solution that Leverages Coaching Methodology.

Our Discovery-Driven Approach couples the traditional coaching methodology with a directed learning process of “Exploration and Experimentation.” That's why DYL generates practical leadership solutions and delivers immediate benefits to leaders and their organizations. 

 Discover Your Leadership is Designed for Maximum Convenience:

The six-month DYL experience leverages technology and is designed to fit into a leader’s busy schedule. The Discovery Approach is targeted and doesn’t waste time focusing in on leadership issues and challenges that are not relevant to the leader’s performance. This minimizes time away from work, facilitates learning, and maximizes developmental impact.


Doing More for Less:

DYL is cost competitive because technology enables leading business coaches in North America, Europe, and Asia to flexibly connect and confidentially communicate with leaders from around the world through an easy-to-use interface that includes, video conferencing, e-mail, text, and chat.


The Discover Your Leadership Result:

A high-impact and tailored Leadership Development solution that is transfers leadership learning directly into tangible action, which yields improved leadership performance and effectiveness.


The Benefit for Individual Leaders:

DYL is individually tailored to help individual leaders to identify and target the development of the specific leadership knowledge, skills, or behaviors that will have the greatest impact on improving their effectiveness and performance in their current leadership role.


The Benefit for Organizations:

DYL provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional leadership developmental solutions, such as leadership skills training or traditional leadership programs, because it is designed to explore each leader’s specific challenges and generate tangible solutions that deliver immediate benefits.

Sustained Support

  • Work collaboratively with Experienced Business Coaches & Leadership Experts.

  • Guided Exploration of stakeholder relationships.

  • Facilitated Reflection to build personal self-awareness.

  • Iterative and Guided experimentation to test new Management techniques and Leadership behaviors.

  • improved confidence.

  • High-touch solution 

Meaningful Learning

  • laser Focus on the leader’s most relevant challenge.

  • Facilitates the Discovery new ideas & ways of thinking

  • Explores Best Practice and build new knowledge.

  • Encourages the Leader to Acquire and practice new skills and behaviors.

  • Individually Targeted and Cost effective solution

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