Discovery Requires Action!

An Eight-Step Process to Discover Your Leadership Success!

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Getting Started!

The first step in the Discovery Coaching Process is "Getting Started," which requires the leader to complete three short surveys.


The first survey helps us understand the individual's leadership role and challenges, which helps us match each leader with a "Best-Fit" Coach. The second survey is a "Leadership Self-Assessment," which aims at identifying the individual's leadership strengths and potential areas for development. The final survey is a reflection exercise, which encourages a leader to consider how others experience them as leaders, what they appreciate about their leadership style, and what they would like the leader to change.

The responses to these three survey inform the Coach Matching step of the process and form the foundation of the Discovery Coaching journey.

Coach Matching

We use the data collected in the "Getting Started" surveys to matches the leader with a “Best-Fit” coach.

In addition, we share the output of the "Getting Started” assessment with Coach to determine if the prospective coach has confidence that they can help the leader achieve their developmental goals. 

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First Contact

Once the initial match has been made, the proposed Coach schedules first video call with leader.

The aim of the First Contact call is to gain agreement on developmental objectives for the coaching intervention and set a preliminary meeting schedule for the duration of the 6-month program.

Leadership Diagnostic & Action Plan Execution

Taking Action!



The Coach selects a Psychometric tool based on the output of the "First Contact" call, which is best suited to help the leader raise their self-awareness regarding their behavioral preferences.

The leader receives a link to Psychometric survey, which they are asked to complete.

The coach reviews the survey results and debriefs the results of the Psychometric survey with the leader during the second call.

The aim of the Diagnostic step is the creation of an Action Plan, which will help the leader move towards their developmental goals in a step-by-step fashion.

Coaching Match Confirmation

Ensuring a good Coach - Leader Match is a key success factor in the Discovery Coaching Process.

After 2 contact hours are completed, the leader is asked to complete a "Match Assessment Survey," which measures their confidence in the coach's abilities and the productivity of the coach-leader fit.

The coach also completes a "Match Assessment Survey" to ensure that leader is actively engaged in the coaching process

  • If results are positive – then the coach and leader move forward to the execution phase

  • If Not: The Client is contacted by the Discovery Coaching team to identify why the match failed and identify the factors that will ensure a positive second match

Job Interview


The Execution Phase represents the bulk of the Discovery Coaching Process.


Each month, the coach and the leader engage for two hours to address specific leadership challenges and skills gaps.

  • The coach and the leader have the flexibility to conveniently structure the two hours as desired, e.g. one 2-hr session, two 1-hr sessions, etc.


During each session, the coach works with the leader to explore a specific leadership issue or inter-personal behavior, which is impacting their on-the-job performance. The coach and leader then work collaboratively to design an experiment to test an assumption, try a new approach, or practice a new skill back at work. The results of each experiment are then discussed during the following session to determine what was learned from the experience and what actions the leader will take in the future. In addition, the coach may provide  guidance and input on specific “knowledge or skills gaps.” Finally, the coach may assign the leader specific developmental tasks to be completed between each session. 

The outcome of developmental tasks are discusses during the next session to determine what insights have been gained and what aspects could be applied to the leader's current challenges. 

Impact Assessment  & Client Satisfaction

Measuring Results

Impact Assessment

A core deliverable of the Discovery Coaching process is measuring the impact of the process on the leader and his or her key stakeholders.

After 11 coaching contact hours are completed, we collect "360- feedback" from leader's stakeholders to measure any change against six core leadership behaviors and skills.

The "-3 to +3" scale used in the 360-degree Impact survey is designed to measure any change in effectiveness  – not the overall level of effectiveness - achieved over the six-month duration of the exercise.

The 360-feedback Impact survey collects feedback from up to:

  • 5 Direct Reports

  • 4 Peers

  • 2 Managers

The coach reviews the results of the 360-degree Impact survey and debriefs the results with the leader. During the final coaching session, the coach highlights the progress made to date, the steps needed to maintain developmental momentum, and the areas for diligence and developmental focus going forward.

Satisfaction Survey

After the completion of the Discovery Coaching Process, the leader receives  a link to a “Satisfaction Survey,” which measures the clients satisfaction across the following areas:

  • Knowledge & Experience of the coach

  • Quality of the coaching relationship

  • Effectiveness of the coaching process in reaching developmental goal

  • Confidence in the leader’s ability to maintain developmental momentum

  • Suggestions for improvement

Finally, the survey results are shared with the sponsoring organization, the coach, and the leader.

The Results You Can Expect

The explicit aim of the Discovery Coaching process is to help leaders make the changes necessary to improve their effectiveness as leaders and raise the level of productivity of the teams and organizations they lead.

Discovery Coaching is a high-touch and high impact option, delivered at a highly competitive price, that focuses on the specific developmental needs of the leader, raises the leaders self-awareness, encourages the leader to experiment new ways of doing things, and to practice new skills.

The process is designed to raise the leader's confidence, capability, and productivity. 

Success is virtually assured for leaders who engage fully in the process.

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