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Cristina's Leadership Challenge

Cristina had recently been promoted into a larger role, which gave her responsibility for back-office operations across EMEA.

She quickly found herself struggling in her new role although she was considered "Top Talent" by her organization .

The teams she was leading had previously been domestically focused and had little experience working cross-boarder or internationally.

A 360-degree feedback process, which was part of a talent management initiative, indicated that she was perceived as a perfectionist with very high expectations. However, Cristina was unknowingly creating a negative and aggressive working environment when her expectations were not being met.

During the First Contact call, Cristina expressed her own concerns about having to micromanage, the overwhelming stress she was experiencing, and the negative and aggressive attitude she was developing at work.


She told her Discovery Navigator that she wasn't receiving much support from her manager, who worked in the company's head office in London. She also also revealed that the stress of the situation was causing her to lose confidence in herself and causing her sleepless nights.


She wanted to be successful in her new role but realized that she needed to approach the situation differently, she just didn't know how.

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