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Cristina's Discovery Results

One of the last steps in the DYL Process is conducting an Impact Assessment Survey, which is a 360-degree Follow-up survey that uses a scale of​ "-3 to +3" to measure any change in effectiveness  – not the overall level of effectiveness - achieved over the six-month duration of the exercise.


Cristina's Impact Assessment Survey collected anonymous feedback from a selection of her Direct Reports, her Peers, and the her London-based Manager.


Cristina’s stakeholders acknowledged the progress she had made in both driving change, increasing engagement, and improving performance across the department.

Cristina's Team members felt more comfortable with the change they were being asked to implement and were more satisfied with their working environment, which they indicated was more positive and constructive..

Team members also appreciated the amount of support Cristina was giving them to help them improve their personal capabilities and career prospects.

Cristina's London-based Manager commented that Cristina had been able to successfully transform her drive for excellence into a positive force across her department. He also commented that the interface to other departments had greatly improved and expressed high hopes for the future.

The final step in The DYL Process is a Satisfaction Survey, which asks the leader to assess the overall DYL experience and to outline the results they have achieved and the major insights they are taking away from the experience.

Cristina commented that the six-month journey had been a meaningful and insightful experience for her. She credited her Discovery Navigator with helping her look at her leadership challenges through a new lens and giving her the confidence to work and lead differently. 

She also commented that she felt more composed, more positive, and more in control of her new responsibilities after she learned to trust, grow, and empower her teams.

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