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Featured DYL Modules

Every Discover Your Leadership experience is customized for each leader to address their leadership challenges and developmental needs. Below you will find descriptions of our most popular DYL learning journeys.  

Improving Leadership Conversations

  • What can leaders do to improve the effectiveness of the conversations they have with their teams, which include giving and receiving feedback, motivating and engaging, and building trust-based connections?

Leading Change

  • How can leaders drive successful change and transformation efforts in their organizations, i.e., what are the upstream and downstream elements that they need to understand and manage to achieve their desired results?

Managing Human Performance

  • How can leaders improve productivity and performance, why do people choose to engage in the work or follow a leader, what are their expectations, and what can a leader do to strengthen an individual’s choice to give more of themselves?

Building Critical Thinking Skills

  • How can leaders improve their ability to overcome cognitive biases and avoid decisions that lead to sub-optimal decisions about the business challenges they face, the opportunities available, and the people they lead?

Facilitating Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • What does it take for leaders to inspire their teams to challenge the status quo, ask meaningful questions, seek out the new, and identify opportunities for growth or process improvement?

Leverage Constructive Dissent & Managing Conflict Effectively

  • Why is conflict and constructive dissent a necessary element of healthy organizations and teams, what constitutes unhealthy conflict and how should leaders deal with it, and how can leaders create the conditions for open and transparent communication?

What Our Clients Say

Industrial Engineer

Leader - Manufacturing

The DYL experience was amazing! In challenged me to see my role and my challenges in a different light and offered me an opportunity to try out new ways of doing things that I would never have thought of. It’s made a big impact on how i make an impact on my team and my company.

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