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The Discovery Approach

Learning Requires Engagement

Grounded in Neuroscience


Discover Your Leadership leverages insights from Neuroscience to encourage leaders to engage with new ideas, new perspectives, and new solutions using an integrated process of "Exploration, Experimentation, and Reflection."

The Bronze Discovery Plan includes 12 hours of One-to-One work with a Discovery Navigator, who works virtually with the leader over six months. It also includes a Leadership Challenges Diagnostic, a Psychometric Leadership Assessment, access to the Discovery Resource Center, and a Follow-up 360-degree Impact Survey to measure any change in Leadership Effectiveness.

Leader-Provided data sources can also be integrated into the Bronze plan at no additional cost. 

On a Video Call

The Silver Discovery Plan contains all the features of the Bronze Plan and includes the Center for Creative Leadership's Benchmarks 360-degree Feedback Survey, which is a powerful tool to collect anonymous feedback from the stakeholders who have the greatest impact on the leader's current and future success.

Leaders are encouraged to reflect on the feedback they receive and take active steps to understand it better and chart a course of action to make the personal changes they have chosen to make.

The Platinum Discovery Plan contains all the features of the Silver Plan and expands the number of One-to-One contact hours with the Discovery Navigator to 24 hours over a 12-month timeframe. 


This expanded format provides leaders the opportunity to dig deeper into their leadership challenges and experiment with a wider variety of ideas and techniques to address them.

Man at his Desk

The Career Discovery Plan is designed to help you navigate this complicated and sometime confusing arena. The five-hour plan is designed to help leaders think more strategically about their career goals and strengths, while developing a comprehensive action plan to improve their attractiveness to potential employers and move forward in their careers. 

The Leadership Transition Discovery Plan is designed to help you navigate this important step in your Leadership Career. Transitioning to a new leadership role is difficult for the vast majority of people. The 12-month plan focuses on assessing the factors most likely to impact success, assess team, build strategy, create the networks to drive execution, and develop the critical relationships to achieve success in the new role.

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