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Discover Your Leadership

High Impact Development: One Leader at a Time

Our Philosophy:

Leadership is Learned Through Experience

Leadership Lessons are only Valuable if they are Relevant and Applied!

On a Video Call
Online Course
Business Conversation

Work virtually with a Discovery Navigator at a time that is convenient for you.

Developmental discussions are focused on the issues most relevant to your future success.

Explore new leadership and business management concepts via dynamic e-learning modules.

Experiment with new ideas and ways of leading within your daily work environment.

Discover the progress you have made as a leader through the eyes of the people most critical to your success.

How It Works

Discovery Navigator Match

Gain insight into the leader’s current challenges and learning preferences via online surveys.

Match a Discovery Navigator that is a best fit to the leader's needs and preferences.

Discovery Sessions

Monthly or biweekly video meetings over 6-months to explore, experiment, and reflect on new concepts, techniques, and ways of leading that work within the leader's working environment. 

Impact Assessment

Measure the leader's progress against their developmental goals as well as the leader's satisfaction with the process.

Discover Your Leadership


Global Access to Our Pool of 

Discovery Navigators

Discovery Navigators are experienced Business Leaders and Executive Coaches who have worked with leading Companies and Business Schools around the world.

The Discover Your Leadership Plans


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